Mobile GDS Booking Platform

TravelPro365 equips travel advisors with a point-and-click platform to manage their travel bookings. Learning a GDS, or relying on colleagues to manage your bookings for you, has long been a barrier to developing new revenue streams from your clients. Now, with TravelPro365, your mobile phone becomes your GDS connected device and your clients wishes easily become your opportunities.

When you partner with Coastline and gain access to this best-in-class online travel booking platform, your business will be equipped to grow and you will be more relevant than ever to your clients.

With TravelPro365, you can focus on destination knowledge, not computer knowledge. Learning how to use a GDS is no longer a barrier to providing outstanding and responsive service to your clients

Highlights Key Features


TravelPro365 is built to be used by the modern advisor. Easy point-and-click tool sets let you find air, hotel, car, insurance and other specialized travel products all in one place.

Preferred Partner rates, Virtuoso rates, and other special rates, along with commissions and amenities, are all easily reviewed and compared, to ensure the best option is chosen for you and your client.

Powerful Tools

When you search TravelPro365, you see the most up to date availability, rates and amenities, and can easily share options with your clients.

Our map interface allows you to easily see hotels in any given area to compare rates and availability. THis allows you to provide options that position you as a true advisor, offering value and insights that enhance their travels.

Seamless Back Office

Put together air, hotel, insurance and other options to build custom client quotes. As you find options, you can continue to push them content, keeping you top of mind.

Once you confirm reservations, TravelPro365 automatically invoices for the booking, simplifying commission tracking and ultimately the payment to the advisor.

Choose COASTLINE + the best GDS booking platform

Coastline has deep roots in the travel industry. With offices and advisors spanning the globe, we understand travel and we understand the needs of the travel advisor. With the introduction of TravelPro365, we have committed to supporting a robust hosted travel advisor community with best-in-class GDS online booking tools.

Key Benefits

Make More Money

Those annoying hotel and air bookings can now become the key to unlocking new revenue from your same clients. Having easy access to an online GDS platform will transform how you look at all of your client's travels.

You'll be the hero

Responding on a weekend and booking a quick staycation or supporting a client with an unexpected hotel or air need, puts you in the center of their travel world.

Book like an Insider

Take their hotel suggestion but use the map tool to find a better option with amenities you otherwise would have missed. These are the things that will make your travel advice invaluable.

Book anytime anywhere

No need to be anchored to a desk and no need to rely on the office hours of support staff. Impress your clients with hotel options while they spend weekend time thinking about travel.

We encourage you to contact Coastline to learn more about our hosted travel advisor program and TravelPro365. Coastline hosted agents join a thriving community of travel advisors supported by a management team that puts their success first. We encourage you to submit an inquiry and allow us to share more information with you including a live demo of TravelPro365 online GDS booking engine.